Below are testimonials from satisfied adults, parents, and pediatric patients who have experienced chiropractic care, Low Level Laser Therapy, and/or other on-site services at our clinic:

Sandra (Farmington, MO) – I’ve always been scared to try new things and more so when it comes to my body.  I spent years in pain, and the medical doctors told me I had arthritis in my lower back and Rt hip.  I have received too many cortisone shots in my lower back & Rt hip, and the shots only lasted six months or less.  I found this amazing chiropractor in Farmington, MO, and based on her findings, I don’t have arthritis, rather my back & neck have misalignments affecting my nervous system.  Dr. Lisa Long is my wonderful chiropractor.  The work that she has done for my children and I is beyond anything I would have ever imagined.  I feel amazing now after suffering 10+ years with no relief from previous medical treatment.  Dr. Long not only helps your aches & pain, but she and her chiropractic profession fights for patient’s rights.  They fought for three years in order for Medicaid recipients to have the right of access to chiropractic care, and they won the battle in Jeffersonson City, MO.  Effective 01/01/2020, Medicaid recipients now have access to chiropractic care and my children is benefiting from the battle that they fought in the legislature.  Thank you Dr. Long!

Christy (Farmington, MO) – I received chiropractic care from Dr. Long for TMJ pain & dysfunction.  I had been having pain in my Lt jaw for months before seeing her for care.  I was surprised by the effectiveness of the low force adjust to my Lt TMJ and the Class IV Laser Therapy that she used to treat my condition.  My Lt TMJ pain is almost non-existent now and my jaw no longer deviates to one side.  Dr. Long has lessened my jaw pain, and I can even feel an increase in my ability to chew better now.

Rosie (Farmington, MO) – Dr. Long has been my chiropractor since March, and I cannot say enough good things about her and her practice. First of all, she is very caring and wants to see her patients get well. She is also very knowledgeable and puts this knowledge to good use in the treatment that she gives you. I was impressed that she provided me with a care plan, something I have never had any chiropractor do for me. In addition before she started working on me she had me have some tests run so that she could be sure that she was treating me correctly. I came in to see her when all my attempts with the medical community failed to find out what was causing the extreme pain in my right leg. After fifteen treatments/adjustments, I can honestly say that the pain has gone away. I would recommend her to anyone who has not experienced chiropractic or to anyone who might have had a bad experience and is wary of the chiropractic profession. She is A+.

Alexandria (7 mo old pediatric patient, Farmington, MO) – Ladies & Gentlemen…Great News! My daughter, Alexandria has been healed from her colic/reflux and constipation. She was born on February 7, 2012 (39 1/2 weeks) via a water birth and I struggled during the pushing stage. The midwife and I didn’t realize at the time the reason why. Immediately when my daughter was born, her umbilical cord ripped in half and we both lost a substantial amount of blood from that. Later after examination, we found out that her umbilical cord was only 5 inches long and that was the cause for me struggling to push her out! From the 1st evening that she was given to me, I knew she was having problems with burping. She is & has been 100% breastfed from the 1st hour of birth. Nonetheless, after being home for a few days, she was fussy right after she ate and I was not able to lay her down without her crying. Then after one week, she had started to vomit after eating, and she rarely burped. I then started letting her sleep on my chest through the night which of course was not fun for me because it produced major back aches. At her first pediatric visit when she was 2 weeks old, the pediatrician said it was normal, and since she was breastfed for me not to worry about because it would soon pass. The doctor recommended that I watch my diet i.e. milk, peanuts, etc. and I did just that. But still my little girl would vomit, spit up and suffer from gas pains. I would keep asking at each pediatric checkup about the symptoms and I was told again that it was normal, and if she seemed constipated to give her a little prune juice, and if she didn’t seem to be in pain from having a bowl movement, not to worry, it was normal because breastfed babies take in all the nutrients and don’t have much waste. I knew something more had to be wrong and I didn’t want to settle for that because she went 11 days without a bowel movement one time! I have nursed all four of my children and never heard of this, nor had any problems such as this with my daughter. So I then went looking for more answers and put a post on my facebook wall for all to see in order to seek out answers. I was told by two friends “take her for a visit to a Chiropractor to find out if they could help.” I was skeptical at first but called around and made an appointment to see Doc Long.

At 7 months old, my daughter was on her way to her 1st visit with Doc long. After Doc Long examined her, she stated that her spine was misaligned at T7 (stomach), T11 (small intestine), and L2 (colon), but the alignment of her very first vertebrae C1 appeared fine, considering her traumatic birth. She used an adjustment device called an Activator instrument that produced a very light tap in the areas that needed adjustment, similar to a spinning toothbrush, but even lighter. Afterward her first adjustment, I stood up and while I held Alexandria, and she passed some gas. Then after buckling her in the car seat for her ride home, she seemed so happy and not in pain. She soon fell asleep riding in the car which she never did because she would always scream the entire time way home while buckled in her infant seat. I was so shocked that tears came out of my eyes…

I went home & her bowl movements were beautiful. When I changed her diaper she started to smile & laugh like I had never seen before. Prior to getting her smile adjusted, her smiles were very small. Now she is shining her gums from ear to ear. So, now 8 days after her first chiropractic exam and treatment, I have the happiest baby ever & she has not spit up at ALL…..REALLY, NO SPIT UP…NO VOMIT! Can you believe it? Alexandria continues to eat normally, burps immediately, and now sleeps on her back more than her tummy.

Taylor (10 y/o pediatric patient, Farmington, MO) – I had a virus in February 2012 with diarrhea and abdominal pain. The diarrhea lasted for 2 weeks but the pain would not go away. I saw different doctors and tried six different medications but the pain was still there. I missed a lot of school and had to have tests done at a children’s hospital in St. Louis, MO. Finally my mom, who is a loyal chiropractic patient, took me to see her chiropractor, Dr. Lisa Long for an adjustment. Within two days after my first adjustment, the pain in my stomach was gone. I had two more adjustments and the pain did not come back and I was able to stop taking the medications. Chiropractic helped me when doctors and medications couldn’t.

Marie (Bonne Terre, MO) – The arthritis in my fingers was inhibiting me from my hobbies, knitting and quilting. After a series of Low Level Laser treatments, I am doing well. I am now having laser treatments on my neck, and after one treatment, I had relief from pain. I have confidence in Dr. Long’s Low Level Laser Therapy, and she is a very professional doctor of chiropractic.

Marie (Bonne Terre, MO) – Dr. Long also performed Low Level Laser Therapy on my Rt knee. I had pain going up & down steps, putting weight on it, and could not straighten my Rt leg out due to the pain & swelling in my Rt knee. I was planning on having a total knee surgery next spring 2012, but the way my Rt knee feels now after having laser therapy, I probably will not have to have surgery. I just came back from a 10-day motor coach trip to Colorado and did not have any trouble with the Rt knee, and even with all the going up steps, ramps, hills, etc. I didn’t experience any Rt knee pain. Other trips I took recently in 2011, were to Kansas City with a granddaughter and to World’s Ocean of Fun which all required me to walk many hours, but I was without pain. I have had several Low Level Laser Therapy treatments at Long Chiropractic, Inc, and I very much appreciate Dr. Long offering this advanced technology and method of treatment to her patients.

Fran (Bonne Terre, MO) – I went to Dr. Long upon the recommendation of a friend. At the time, I was in severe pain caused by sciatica. The pain was just unbearable, and Dr. Long immediately knew exactly where the pain originated and how to treat the problem. After only two treatments, my pain subsided. With continued treatments using Cox Flexion/Distraction technique and Low Level Laser Therapy, Dr. Long had the pain completely under control. The treatments were non-invasive, gentle and entirely natural. i am very pleased with the outcome and highly recommend Dr. Lisa Long’s chiropractic services.

Stacy (Farmington, MO) – My son, David, had been having ear infections about every two months since he was born and he is now 3 years old. Every time I had taken him to a medical doctor, the answer was always the same: he needs antibiotics and/or tubes in his ears. My husband and I hated shoveling all those antibiotics into his little body, and tubes weren’t an option in our opinion either. Dr. Long had given us some pamphlets on the subject of “over use of antibiotics in children” and “how chiropractic care could help the body heal a lot of common childhood afflictions”, with ear infections being one of those listed. I will be TOTALLY honest, I was really unsure about how your spine and neck areas could have anything to do with an ear infection, but I was really at my breaking point, so I decided to give this conservative approach a try. David had his last ear infection in June 2005, and that was when I brought him in to see Dr. Long. David was really receptive to the treatment and loves Dr. Long! His ear infection was gone in two days!! Most antibiotics didn’t make the infection go away for at least 7 days. Ever since June 2005, David has not had anymore ear infections. He truly enjoys getting his spinal adjustments, matter-of-fact, if my husband and I are at Dr. Long’s office getting our spine adjusted, he gets upset if he doesn’t get his adjustment. Believe me, try chiropractic before you take your child to a medical doctor. I know that medical doctors are the “traditional” way, but some traditions aren’t always best. Help your child’s body help itself with chiropractic.

Carole (Centerville, MO) – I have had lower back surgery, and so I’m very protective of my spine, but Dr. Long is very careful and understanding with me, therefore I’m very comfortable with the quality of care I receive from her. I no longer have to experience that old anxiety as I have in the past with other chiropractors. I have found a chiropractor that has my best interest at heart. I feel she’s not just in her profession for the money, but is a person who is loving, caring, responsible and very talented. Dr. Long has always been there for me, even when my appointment needs were not convenient for her schedule. She’s great and genuinely wants to help people. I recommend her very highly.

Heather (Arcadia, MO) – I am 40 years old and have suffered with back pain ever since I was a kid, and over the years my back pain became worse. Five years ago, I went to my medical doctor and after taking x-rays, he prescribed physical therapy for me which helped enough so that I was able to begin work in retail. After a year working in retail, I had a sudden onset of severe back pain which caused me to have to go to the emergency room. They put me on very strong prescription drugs for pain and sent me home. The next few months I went through several rounds of physical therapy and several other pain killers and muscle relaxants. Instead of me taking care of my children, my children were having to take care of me. The final drug my medical doctor prescribed was Oxycontin, a very addictive narcotic, and since he felt there was nothing else he could do for me, he suggested that I try seeing a chiropractor. By this time I was on 4 months medical leave from my retail job. I was very nervous about seeing a a chiropractor as I had heard a lot of horror stories, but I was so tired of being in pain that I started seeing a chiropractor. After a few visits I started feeling better. I was under care for about a year when my husband had to switch insurance companies and my chiropractor was no longer on our insurance list. Luckily, I found Dr. Long and she was the only chiropractor on our new insurance list. She took a thorough history by asking me a lot of questions, examined and xrayed me. She treated me with spinal manipulation, massage therapy, ice therapy, etc. I have been a patient of Dr. Long’s for the past few years now and she has been the answer to my prayers. Since being under her care, I have gone from being in constant pain to a life where I can have most of my days without pain. Should I not have a good day, I know where to go to get relief. Chiropractic works and I highly recommend Dr. Long.

Kevin (Potosi, MO) – Dr. Long thank you for helping me when I needed you. You have helped me out so much with the really bad pain in my lower back. I appreciate your time and understanding when getting me in the fastest way you can. Again, sincere praises to you and I hope you will continue your practice in making us “all” feel better.

Tammy (Potosi, MO) – Thank you so much Dr. Long for all that you have done for not only myself, but for my husband and sons too. We really appreciate your time, consideration, and being so kind. You have made me feel so much better after our sessions of therapy. The medical doctors diagnosed me few yrs ago with fibromyalgia, and as you know, it is a very painful syndrome. When I have to come see you every few months due to pain from this condition, your treatment makes me feel so much better.

Elaine (Farmington, MO) – I was in a car accident in January 2004 and I started going to Dr. Long for care shortly after my accident. Dr. Long set up appointments that were convenient for me, and I didn’t have to sit in the waiting room for a long time before being called back for my appointment. Dr. Long cares about her patients and is very professional.